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Should We Have Open Borders?

Alev Stud

By Sophia Zheng (3 minutes)

Why should we have open borders? Delve into Aliens and Citizens by Joseph Carens to find out the moral reasons behind unrestricted immigration.

By Sophia Zheng (5 minutes)

For the justice and well-being of our country, we might need to restrict immigration. Unlimited migration is not a moral obligation. We will break down the case against open borders presented by Michael Walzer, John Rawls, and Professor Macedo.

By Sophia Zheng (5 minutes)

We are currently in the Age of Mass Migration. Understanding the history of immigration in the United States since Ben Franklin and the colonies are important to understand the impact and future of immigration. Dive into research by Charles Hirschman' Immigration to the United States: Recent Trends and Future Prospects.

By Sophia Zheng (5 minutes)

President Trump has enacted a comprehensive immigration program with new policies. We delve into his U.S.-Mexico border wall and his executive orders banning immigration through research and data from Harvard Business School and NPR.

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