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Our Values

We aim to bridge the information gap to promote educational and informational equity. The Insight Spark was founded to help mitigate informational privilege, which is "the idea that access to information is based on an individual's status, affiliation, or power." Oftentimes, only those who skilled, educated, and credible are able to access high-quality and complex research. Through our writing, we hope to allow ALL people to have a better understanding of the research field.

Social Awareness:

We are committed to raising awareness, creating community impact, and highlighting social issues by employing research-based tools, academic theories, and findings to help us better understand how to approach and solve the pervasive issues in our society.

Open Accessibility:

We are dedicated to ensuring all people have access to easy-to-understand research. The Insight Spark aims to uncover the largely overlooked plethora of impressive and valuable research studies, experiments, and findings.


Our research and journalism firmly uphold the ethics of writing. We especially emphasize transparent, truthful, and faithful research and reporting. The Insight Spark ensures all relevant sources, research, and material is properly referenced.


Our platform is designed to serve YOU. We hope to arm our readers and listeners with information that will help you better understand the world and society. We welcome and appreciate any feedback and advice as we continue to make our writing more useful to The Insight Spark community.

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